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How secure are top cases?

How secure are top cases? Can thieves easily brake in a top case or steal it?

Givi E460 – A Monokey case review

Givi E460 is a compact and elegant monokey top-case with a 46 liters capacity able to hold two full face helmets.

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How to install a top case on a Yamaha Majesty 400 – Kappa K331 or Givi E331

How to install a top case on a Yamaha Majesty 400 using a specific rear rack for monokey cases Kappa K331 or Givi E331 (Kappa K331m or Givi E331m for monolock cases)

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How to mount an action camera on a motorcycle helmet

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Eken H6s – Action Camera Review and Test

Eken H6s is a relatively cheap waterproof action camera with electronic image stabilization. It is a ideal solutions for people how don’t need much more expensive GoPro cameras and people who want to create motovlogs but don’t want to spent too much money on equipment. It also can be use by professionals as a backup camera.

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Unboxing and mounting a cheap phone/gps holder with mirror bracket onta a scooter/motorcycle

Sometimes it is impossible to mount a phone holder or a GPS holder onto a scooter or a motorcycle because there is no enough space on handlebars or because handlebars are covered with plastic covers. In that case you can use a phone holder with mirror bracket.

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